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Mohammed Abdul Munim was born in 1958 in Kulaura Upozila in the District of Moulvibazar, the son of Alhaj Abdul Bari, a renowned contractor and businessman.

During his college life he served twice as a President of Chatra League in Sylhet Government College (MC) and twice elected general secretary of Bangladesh Chatra League Sylhet District Branch. In 1977-1981 he played a leading role in the establishment of the Sylhet Division and a university in Sylhet.

Early in 1982, Abdul Munim went to Saudi Arabia where he established successful businesses both in Jeddah and Makkah, before moving to England in 1989. In 1991 he started his own halal takeaway business called “Sonali Tandoori” in Grove Park, South-East London, and in 1995 launched a successful and extensive property business.

In 1999, Mr Munim was elected as President of the Bangladesh Caterers Association’s South East Region. From 2004-2006 he served as Senior Vice-President of the BCA central committee, and since 2007 has held the role of Organising Secretary of the BCA. Mr Munim also has the responsibility as convenor of the Awards Committee and was the convenor of the 2011 Annual Dinner and Awards ceremony. He has been recently elected Secretary General of BCA.

A keen servant to the needy, Mr Munim and his family have sought to contribute towards the development of his homeland, helping to establish Masjids, Madrasas, schools and orphanages in Kulaura, and support social welfare institutions providing various forms of assistance to the poor and needy in the locality.

Mr. Munim is a trustee founder of Kulaura Yakub Tazul Womans College.  Since its establishment, his younger brother Mr. M A Rouf has been serving as a principal of the college. To meet the immense demands, Mr Munim and his brother found and established a very successful and highly praised kindergarten school in Kulaura.

Mr Munim is socially active in his local community, playing a leading role in establishing a Masjid in Crayford, and is currently serving as Secretary of the North West Kent Muslim Association. He is also the founder chairman of Bangla Supplementary School in Greenwich and the Greenwich Welfare Association. Since 2000 he has been acting as a Director of the Consortium of Bengali Associations (CBA). He is also the current secretary of Sylhet Bivag Unnayan Parishad. Mr Munim has been an active member of the Labour Party since 1995.

Amongst his friends and colleagues, he is regarded to possess a softly spoken, mild-natured and honourable strong-willed personality with enviable organising capacity